These general conditions of sale define the rights and obligations of the parties with regard to sales made ​​via the website They regulate all the steps necessary to carry out an order.. 
These conditions are addressed to individuals aged 18 years and having the legal capacity to contract. Making an order of articles by any of the methods below represents your consent to accept the terms and conditions Funky Kids, represented by Funky Kids Online Srl. We reserve the right to modify at any time these general conditions of sale. 
In the event of a change, they will be applied to each order since its entry into force. The latest revision of the general conditions of sale is indicated at the top of the page. is represented by Funky Kids Online SRL, based in Campina, Bd Nicolae Iorga, nr 119, VAT 31714492, mail: office @ funkykids .com

Command can not be registered on the site unless you identified yourself by entering your email address and password. You can place your order online using the references of articles or references available on the site visible in the printed catalog showing demand season. Items ordered from the printed catalog are sold on the stock. 
In general, information on availability of items you are provided when submitting the order. In exceptional case, it may happen that an article is not available temporarily after placing an order. In this case you will be informed / D by changing the order placed online status and Article will be automatically canceled and you will not pay only for items being shipped. 
Prices Funky Kids articles on the site are expressed in lei, VAT and do not include taxes transport / shipping. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. 


Payment articles can be achieved: 
- online payment by credit card 
- bank transfer RO76BRDE300SV10161993000 account opened at BRD Campina
- with cash at the time package delivery by courier 
- with cash at the moment of the package at the post office can choose the payment method when you place your order by selecting one of the options.


To take advantage of promotional offers please calculate your order without corresponding decrease in aggregate it with other discounts. Discounts are applied on a pro rata for each of the articles ... 


In some cases, an unavailable item replaced by another with similar characteristics and the same or better quality, having at least the same amount. Of course, if you do not want to keep the received item, you can always return and can benefit from refund of the item and return costs. 


The articles are dispatched to the address indicated when submitting the order. Delivery of articles is achieved by courier, parcel under the cash within approximately 5 working days - depending on the product and the existing stock. 
The delivery time is variable depending on the availability of items. The website articles are presented and delivered in two days, they are easily identified as symbolized by the figure 2 and provided fast delivery. 
Delays in delivery can not be prevented in case force majeure. 

Returning an item ordered 

If you are unhappy with items purchased from and want to give up buying and default to get your money back, you can apply for product return procedure within 10 days, according Government Ordinance no.130 provisions / 2000 on consumer protection in the conclusion and execution of distance contracts. 

Within 10 days stipulated for the exercise of this right shall begin:
a) for the products from receipt by the consumer; 
b ) for services, from the day of conclusion,

Distant contract means the contract for the supply of goods or services concluded between a supplier and a consumer under a system organized by the trader who uses exclusively, before and in conclusion of the contract, one or more means of distance communication..

Right back in 10 working days is only for customers who have purchased products online website. 
The customer has the right to cancel the contract distance, within 10 days without penalty and without giving any reason. According to Ordinance no. 130/2000 consumer is responsible for returning products bearing the costs incurred by giving up buying comerciant.Dreptul not apply to persons juridice.Rambursarea amounts will be made ​​within 30 days from the date of denunciation by the consumer.

According to the provisions Ordinance no. 130/2000, the consumer can not unilaterally withdraw from these types of contracts, unless the parties (consumers and traders) have agreed otherwise: 
a) contracts for the supply of services whose execution has begun, with the consumer's agreement, before the expiration of the 10 working days;
b) contracts for the supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market which can not be controlled by the trader; 
c) contracts for the supply of goods made ​​to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized products such as and which, by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly; 
d) contracts for the supply of audio, video or computer software if these recordings or computer software were unsealed the consumer;
e) contracts for the supply of newspapers, periodicals, journals shop;
f) contracts for gaming and lottery services; 

GENERAL INFORMATION ON ARTICLES inform you that we strive to present your true colors as articles presented on the website or in the catalog. Any color differences that may occur due to technical supports are the colors. The shade of color that you visualize depends on technical specifications of the monitor used or products and equipment used for printing. . 
Please contact us by email at in the article where you ordered a difference of color. 


In accordance with art. 12 of Law no. 677/2001, as the person concerned inform you that: a) the identity of the operator is Online Funky Kids Srl notification no. b) your data is processed in order to achieve the objects of the company Funky Kids Online Srl and purposes of advertising, marketing, advertising c) as the person concerned under the provisions of art. 12 to 15 of Law no. 677/2001 you have the right to access, intervention and opposition of such data as provided by law. 


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